Standard Property Appearance/Inspection Guide




  • Toilet seats and lid down for an arrival
  • Sink stoppers must be open
  • Shower liner inside tub area, decorative curtain outside tub area and fully closed
  • Bath mat folded neatly over tub or shower, whichever looks neatest
  • All bathroom decorative items like toothbrush holders, soap holders, to be placed under a sink away from view
  • One roll on and open and rolling over the top. Top sheet folded to v. Additional roll on top of toilet tank


  • Beds to be properly made.



  • All food items to be discarded except spices in decorative racks
  • No foil on burners
  • No foil in ovens
  • No paper towels lining cabinets
  • Sink drains must be open, stoppers under the sink
  • Faucets to be centered
  • Icemaker on. Ice trays filled
  • No place settings or dishes on table or bar area
  • Discard old sponges
  • Small appliances unplugged
  • Starter kit placed on kitchen counter with “starter set” card so that will be immediately noticed. (With welcome bag/setup service)



  • Blinds full down and full-open
  • Drapes open at least halfway to expose the view
  • Small discreet light on near entry
  • Liners in trash can
  • All old magazines to be discarded – only printed materials should be those provided by management company (current rental guide and buyers guide) and/or collector magazines (National Geographic, Architectural Digest, Southern Living, Coastal Living, etc.) in excellent like-new condition
  • All old candles to be discarded (only candles should be those in a holder that totally contains the melted wax and are not used)
  • All doors and windows locked
  • Only standard plastic hangers in closets (ten per closet) and hangers pushed together to one side
  • Only store-bought seashells or those neatly arranged in decorative baskets – no broken shells or shells still containing sand in property.
  • All closet doors fully closed
  • All doors and windows locked and fully-secured.
  • No clutter stored in closets or cabinets opened to renters (old paint cans, tools, unsafe candles, bags, etc.)
  • Remote control for each operated item placed directly on that item
  • Extra blankets and pillows folded and placed in appropriate closet :
    1. two extra pillows per King or queen bed, one per double or twin
    2. One blanket per bed
    3. Extra pillow cases in sealed trash bag
    4. All pillows to have pillow protector
  • Throw pillows and cushions “zipper down” or “zipper back.” )



For Property Arrival:

  • Thermostats set at 75 degrees in summer and 65 degrees in winter
  • Blinds full-down and full open
  • Drapes half-open to expose view
  • Verticals full-closed and full open for maximum light
  • Light on at entry to serve as welcome



When a guest is not due for arrival: Close all items above and turn off light. AC in winter on heat at 62, in summer on cool at 82