Home Watch

House hunting and searching for real estate homes for sale that need to be inspected by a home inspector concept as a magnifying glass inspecting a model single home building structure.


Inspect exterior & grounds for signs of problems 

  • Inspect perimeter of home & property for signs of trespassing and damage.    
  • Ensure all gates and outbuildings are locked & secure
  • Check & clear debris off porches and drive way.
  • Insect / animal / vermin infestation 
  • Visible sprinkler malfunction – dry or flooding 
  • Signs of forced entry – damage to doors or windows    Accumulated papers or mail – forward if needed 
  • Trash cans in/out
  • Storm damage – trees, windows, screens, roof 
  • Test all outdoor lighting- replace bulbs when necessary. 

Interior Inspections Include:                                    

  • Secure all windows and doors – report unlocked
  • Check for water infiltration and plumbing leaks 
  • Look for signs of insect or vermin presence 
  • Evaluate AC/Heat operation based on settings 
  • Run water to sink drain traps – prevent sewer gas 
  • Check all rooms, enclosed areas and garage 
  • Rotate light timers if used / alternate lights on

Packages starting at $45/month.